Other Services

As well as our suite of call, text and broadband services we offer a range of extras and additional services to compliment your package.

Managing Incoming Calls

This means that every call you receive will go to the right person, first time round, so that your customers aren’t left being passed from handler to handler without a solution to their inquiry. We can achieve this by utilising a plethora of systems and technologies such as: effective number management, time-of-day or region-based routing, follow me and call queuing with a hold message and auto-attendant systems. We aim to make this system as flexible as possible, meaning you can create a custom management solution from traditional telephone systems, advanced platforms, IP solutions, non-geographic numbers or any combination of the above. Thus our management solution is expertly tailored to the needs of your business.

Call Recording

As a vital component of your businesses telephone system we can offer call recording as an integral component of our telephone systems or at a network level for hosted customers.

Call Reporting

Analyse incoming and outgoing calls with our call recording solutions. We can provide essential insights for your business such as tracking the number of calls received, answered, unanswered and time to answer calls. This data is essential to building a more efficient call handling network and finding slack points in your network flow, thus we can help not just as a passive system but to actively boost your business performance and sales. We also offer monitoring of outbound calls, so you can track misuse of the system by staff or manage overheads in calls to premium rate numbers.

Call Conferencing

This is an effective way to work remotely and cut travel costs by employing a flexible system of teleconferencing rooms which can be used for individual calls all the way up to full staff meetings or AGM’s. We offer this service on a low cost, easy booking set up to suit your needs and requirements.

Non-Geographic Numbers

You can make use of a variety of numbers which are not geographically tied to any given location, such as:

0800/0300 numbers – These are low cost/free numbers you can employ and are especially useful for organisations handling very high levels of calls such as customer support or enquiries, where charged lines may not promote customer loyalty.

0845/0844 numbers – These will charge a middle-of-the-market rate to call and as a result can be used to raise revenue for your business if very high turnover is expected. These numbers will typically not cost your business any money to operate.

0871/Premium numbers – Often charging 10ppm+ these can offer generous revenue streams for your business but are subject to Ofcom and Phone pay Plus regulations.


Fax can be an overlooked and underrated technology for most businesses, however when employed correctly, can be a pivotal part of your Information Technologies solutions. With Fax, there is no security risk from phishing or cyber-attacks on your systems which traditional email systems are often vulnerable too. There is also no risk to your systems from junk faxing, but malicious emails have taken their toll on even the largest organisations over the years and can pose a threat to your systems’ health. For these reasons we continue to support faxing and make use of fax to email technology to help your organisation to better utilise this underappreciated technology.

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