Leased Lines

For many large use organisations, even solutions such as FTTC are unable to maintain the increasing demand for connectivity demanded by our customers. As your network of VOIP and cloud-connected apps expands, so will your demand for services and your bandwidth usage.

For these high throughput organisations we offer Private Leased Lines. These are private circuits running between you and the internet and at BU Telecom these are highly competitively priced.

Leased Lines offer you unlimited speed guarantees and unlimited download limits; as well as a fully managed service, with exclusive lines for your organisation and our guarantee of fast, effective and available support for your business, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

This service means you won’t see drops in your peak time usage as you don’t have to share a network with any other users unlike on a standard broadband service.

Our Leased Lines offer you full control, where you can increase and reduce your bandwidth to match your needs exactly, this lets the system grow with your business and our service can mirror you needs exactly.

We will support you constantly through the delivery of this service, guaranteeing your speeds, answering your calls and questions and abiding by the Service Level Agreement we are offering inclusive to all our leased line packages.

For lower use customers we also offer our FTTC and FTTP services to improve your internet connectivity using fibre. Or visit our partner British Utilities to see how our integrated approach to utilities could save your business money.