Multi-Text Messaging

Our Multi-Text Messaging cloud based technology allows you to easily and rapidly send mass messaging to your customer base to generate new and continued sales and promote brand loyalty and awareness. We’ve cut out the complicated hurdles of more traditional bulk messaging systems using cloud technology to allow you access to an effective, tailored system which can fulfil your needs whether you’re looking for a mass, targeted campaign or a more localised individual messaging platform. This is low cost and we make sure your texts will appear with your company name so they are effective and recognisable.

Global 2-Way.

Our system of global 2-way messaging can let you send and receive texts anywhere in the world with minimal time delay. This system works with all of the major providers.

Message Archives

We will archive a record of all of your companies messaging for 13 months and give you this access free of charge.

Intelligent messaging

This revolutionary system of intelligent message gives you extreme control and feedback. Letting you send unique links into every message sent, allowing you to track your customer engagement and build you market knowledge to new levels. This information lets you identify, track and penetrate new areas of the market and find new customers effectively. This service also lets users filter out less effective messages to create an upward spiral of efficacy in marketing as we will upload your data file giving you the full spectrum of data collected from your customer base and allowing you to make informed decisions about how to best reach you customers where they are.

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