Cloud-based Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Cloud-based Voice Over IP (VOIP)

We offer fully managed, cloud-based Voice over IP (VOIP) services to our customers. Letting your business reap the benefits of a conventional telephone system without the capital expenditure involved in acquiring handsets and other hardware elements. This can reduce your telephone system overheads significantly as there’s no upfront investments into hardware and as a result of this, the service can be used to connect multiple sites to one system and offers an extensive flexibility.

This service allows you to take advantage of a number of unique benefits, these include:

  1. A flexible service which can be easily tailored to your needs on an ongoing basis.
  2. VOIP gives you maximum control over your system and no engineer visits are required to make changes to your system.
  3. Link anyone, anywhere, and all on one system.
  4. No maintenance costs either upfront or ongoing for hardware.

We will support your adoption of our VOIP systems the whole way to make sure you are wholly satisfied with the service!

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