SIM-Only Business Mobile

Many plans for business mobile will offer ‘free’ mobiles and SIMs together will often end up costing you the value of the handset several times over. This is because these plans are usually long-term, inflexible and expensive options. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we offer our SIM only packages for our business mobile customers. Simple and low cost, we let you choose the minutes, texts and data you need and we handle the rest.

Shared Data Packages

We now offer shared data packages for our customers, where usage can be split between all of the members of the same tariff. This lets you balance out the natural variation in data usage for each user over busier and quieter periods of usage. This can also cut down on your bills as you better make use of the data in your plan to cut down on unused data at the end of the month and save money on your bills.

Also See our dedicated Business Texting service and see how you could save today. Or see our partner British Utilities to see how our integrated approach to Utilities can save your business money.