Broadband Without Fibre

For those customers who haven’t yet been connected to the fibre network and are reliant on non-fibre broadband services we know that a reliable service matters to your business. That’s why we employ a quality based approaching, putting reliable, quick and effective service at the forefront of our packages and our customer service ethos.

For that reason we offer a range of packages for traditional broadband users to give you the breadth of services you need to meet the needs of your organisation and keep your business going when you need it most and will continue to support our broadband customers with outstanding services and support teams.

BU Telecom broadband services can all also made available for home customer use and we can discuss transitions or packages for homes, businesses or both. And in co-operation with our partner British Utilities we can offer a gas, electricity, water and telecoms combined package for home or business customers.

If you need FTTC, FTTP or a Private Leased Lines see our pages on these. We can support you to choose the best type of package for your business development goals and objectives and ensure it’s implemented quickly and correctly to help you on your journey to reliable broadband with effortless ease