COVID-19: Impact on UK and Global Telecoms Industry. The Novel Coronavirus here in the UK and around the globe has caused an unforeseen and hitherto unprecedented disruption to business activities in a shockingly short timeframe. As a result of furlough in the UK and measures elsewhere the growth and development of the economy may rise at its slowest rate since the 2008-2009 financial recession, however this has come about from an entirely unexpected series of events.

Many businesses are closing doors forever, across myriad sectors and many will continue to do so as a result of the economic fallout from COVID-19 on industry. Although not as directly affected by closures and complete cessation of services, the telecoms industry will likely have a tumultuous future. This is as the massively increased demand on bandwidth is straining the industry and rapidly exhausting available network overheads; threatening reliable delivery of services to users and putting extra strain on hardware and systems.

The future of telecoms could therefore see increased capital expenditure in increasing bandwidth overflow capacity and facilitating any shifts to a partly or fully distanced workflow pattern that businesses in other sectors may adopt from lessons learned from this pandemic. It is unknown the extent to which distanced working will become the norm, where possible, for employees in the UK and Globally, but it is likely that the demand for continuous bandwidth will rise significantly as the global and local economies begin to rescind lockdowns and move back to a ‘normal’ way of doing business.

BU Telecoms aims to meet these demands and will be monitoring the situation to understand how we can best implement policies to accommodate any changes in demand/fulfilment concerns that arise from COVID-19. And in collaboration with our partner British Utilities we will continue to offer a full range of excellent utility services to our business and home customers.